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 Upcoming SX Cyber Security Meetup/Training
  • This is an announcement for the upcoming SecurityXploded Cyber Security Meetup. Along with discussion, there will be Advanced Training Sessions on Malware Analysis and other cutting edge security topics by our team of experts...

 Latest Software Releases & Updates
Browser History Spy v4.5
  • Browser History Spy is the all-in-one software to instantly recover or view the browsing history from popular web browsers. It shows website history from top three browsers Firefox, Chrome and Internet...

Network Password Decryptor v7.2
Windows Password Kracker v3.0
AIM Password Decryptor v3.5
Gmail Password Dump v2.5
New Releases
 Just Launched - MalwareNet !!!
 Popular Security News
Android hijacking bug may allow attackers to install password-stealers
  • Half of Android devices may be vulnerable to surreptitious install exploits.

Bitcoin exchange Cryptoine hacked
Huawei equipment not a risk to national security says report
Hadoop Security Still Evolving
Sextortion Schemes Using Mobile Malware in Asia: Trend Micro
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 TEN Million Downloads - Thank You !!!
 Tool of the Month - All In One Password Decoder
  • All-In-One Password Decoder is the universal software to quickly recover Passwords protected with various encoding algorithms.

    • By Nagareshwar Talekar | 11th Jul 2014
 New Article - Password Secrets of Popular Windows Applications
  • In today's Internet driven world, all of us use one or other applications starting from browsers, mail clients to instant messengers. Most of these applications store the sensitive information such as user...

    • By Nagareshwar Talekar | 30th May 2010
 Reversing and Malware Analysis Training
Adv Malware Analysis Training Session 11 - (Part 2) Dissecting the HeartBeat RAT Functionalities
  • In this session, Monnappa showcased decrypting various communications of HeartBeat RAT using custom script and Reverse Engineered 6 different capabilities of the HeartBeat RAT along with video demonstrations.

Adv Malware Analysis Training Session 10: (Part 1) Reversing & Decrypting Communications of HeartBeat RAT
Advanced Malware Analysis Training Session 8 - Introduction to Android
Adv Malware Analysis Training Session 7 - Memory Forensics
Security Training
 Latest Security Research Articles
Reference Guide - Reversing & Malware Analysis Training
  • This is the complete reference guide to all sessions of our Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis Training program.

    • By Amit Malik | 18th Dec 2013
Password Secrets of Popular Windows Applications
Exposing the Outlook Password Secrets
Exposing the WiFi Password Secrets
The covert way to find the Reference Count of DLL
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 Special Testimonial
  • I have used 'SecurityXploded' tools for some time now and have found them to be an invaluable asset in many of our forensic investigations. With so many malicious code developers in the world, we are happy that these folks are...

    • James Cadden, East Lansdowne Police Dept. Delaware, PA. USA
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