Zexplo : Penetration Testing Toolkit
Zexplo - Penetration Testing Toolkit
Author: Amit Malik 
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About Zexplo
Zexplo is a python based Penetration Testing toolkit with simple and cool interface.

This first version of Zexplo has 6 enumeration modules for various network scanning operations such as zping, zarpcache, ztcpscan, znmapport etc and 1 exploit (filecopa). In addition to this it also has some exciting modules for man in the middle (MITM) attack and autopwn. You will also see tools such as Injector (inject modules into running process)and Encoder (with triple layer of XOR).
Zexplo works on Linux operating system and should work well on all variants of Linux as long as required dependencies are in place. For more details refer to 'Requirements' section.
Here are the main features of Zexplo.
  •  Presents 6 enumeration modules and 1 exploit
  •  Includes Injector tool for injecting chosen modules into running processes
  •  Special encoder featuring triple layer XOR encoder for shellcodes
  •  Simple and easy to use interface even for beginners
Here are the main requirements for smoother functioning of Zexplo Toolkit
  • Linux OS
  • Python (version < 3.0 and > 2.4)
  • Scapy - powerful packet manipulation program
Using Zexplo
Zexplo is very to use toolkit with simple set of modules and commands as shown below,
     zarping, zping, zarpcache, ztcpscan, znmapos, znmapport


     Injector (source), Encoder (triple layer xor encoder for shellcodes)
Here is the screenshot of Zexplo showing the usage.
Release History
Version 1.1 :  14th Feb 2012
Remove False Positive Alerts from Download File. Also password protected it to prevent future warnings [password:securityxploded]
Version 1.0 :  15th Oct 2011
First public release of Zexplo
Zexplo tool is released "as is" without any warranty of any kind, neither SecurityXploded nor the author is responsible for any damage due to use or misuse of this tool.

Read complete License & Disclaimer terms here.
FREE Download Zexplo v1.1 [password - securityxploded]

License  : Freeware
Platform : Linux

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